The MAC (Music, Art & Culture) Blog Network is a collection of culturally relevant and diverse platforms including Dopecausewesaid, Sleepy Carolina, Audifact, and The CAB Portal that are positioned to serve music lovers, artists, tastemakers, and creatives from around the world. Founded in collaboration between the founders of Dopecausewesaid and Audifact, this emergent network and community will showcase the best new music, provide introspective insight into current events, pop culture, fashion and style, and provide tools that emerging artists can use to push their way into the mainstream.  


The CAB Portal is the hub for music hacks, tools and other essential resources that emerging artists can utilize to take their music to the next level. It is also a community, encouraging artistic empowerment, connections and collaborations.

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Sleepy Carolina

Sleepy Carolina aims to highlight new and old music from influential women in the industry, shed light on the incredible talents of girls and women from around the world and discuss important women- related issues. We wish to serve as an aggregator for the capability, grace and innovation of each and every woman who is brave enough to unapologetically be themselves and follow their passions.

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Audifact is an art and music website that thrives in encompassing all that’s independent while picking the best of mainstream music. An underground platform for modern music.


Dopecausewesaid website and lifestyle brand

Dopecausewesaid (DCWS) is an online platform and lifestyle brand that showcases new music by emerging and mainstream artists as well as culture, style and life from around the world. DCWS also aims to be digital media influencers, connecting the world to who's next. 

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