The Definition of DOPE is HERE

"The Definition of DOPE" compilation album is the first official release by DOPECAUSEWESAID and is the culmination of all the incredible rap music that have been featured on since the site began in July 2014 by the best emerging rap artists this industry has to offer. Featuring 24 songs and an intro by celebrity radio host Nikki Nikole and Joshua Spears, this compilation album is nothing but DOPE music which comes from all over the United States and Canada, including Raleigh, Charlotte, the DMV, Brooklyn, the 757, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Boone, Atlanta, Vancouver, Austin, Houston, and the Bay area. Last but never least, much respect to our very special sponsors -Southern Snack Shack, The Undergrowth Foundation, Mid'East Entertainment, Artije Photography, and BeFirstClass ENT; without their support, this tremendous undertaking would not have been possible. 

Click the front cover below on the left to download the full album or scroll down to download per track. 


Featured Artists 


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Southern Snack Shack is a Garner, NC based food truck serving old fashioned classics like barbecue, spare ribs, double bacon cheese burgers, funnel cakes, and much more. 

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Mid'East Entertainment is a Raleigh, NC based artist management company. Founded by Cameron Hawkins, Mid'East's flagship artist is SPACE, a featured artist on the compilation.

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The Undergrowth is a foundation based in Asheville, NC. They are a unification of sonic and visual artists with the vision of making a positive impact in the world. Their core philosophy is based around giving back to the local and global community. 

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BeFirstClass ENT is an Atlanta based music, philanthropy, and arts company, whose creator and flagship artist is BAMN, a featured artist on the compilation.

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Artije Photography is a Durham, NC based photography company that specializes in professional wedding photography, events, and portrait sessions. 

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