Suicide Notes: Stranger than Fiction

Suicide Notes is a fictional Hip-Hop group from Austin, TX. DJ/Producer LROY (Legitimate Rhythms Own You) & Producer/Emcee HADES (Hungry Artists Don't Ever Stop) got together one day at dark times in each others lives. Feeling like they'd almost accomplished all they wanted out of life, it became a running joke to end it all or leave soon from natural causes. 

When reflecting on the music catalog that would be left behind, it became clear that there was more to say. Something that could sum it all up. 

Boo G. Ratchet & Frankie Donatello came after the failed suicide attempts to help LROY & HADES leave a proper suicide note behind in the form of an album. Boo G. Ratchet is a wannabe aristocrat and barely functioning sex addict & Frankie Donatello is a sleazy, desperate low-rent con artist who lives with his mamma.  

Suicide Notes's debut album drops on December 1st on Black Market Pluto.

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