Q&A with Cameron Hawkins, Mid'East Entertainment

Cameron "Cam'Star Right's" Hawkins is the Founder/CEO of Mid'East Entertainment, an artist management company out of Raleigh, NC, a brand manager for DOPECAUSEWESAID, and artist.  We spoke with Cameron about his goals for Mid'East Entertainment, how he and SPACE, the artist he represents, connected, what's next in 2016 and more.

Does the name Mid'East Entertainment have a special meaning? C: Mid (middle) stands for the location that I'm from on the East coast of the United States.

How did you and SPACE, the artist you represent, connect? C: We connected at a mutual friend's house and the music that was coming out of him was absolutely mind blowing and as soon as he told me he did not write his rhymes I was like whoa! He continues to strive to be innovative with his lyrics; HE IS A STAR.

What are your goals for Mid'East Entertainment? C: To progress alongside the great labels, be innovative, stay motivated, stay the course of our careers, humility, give back to those who are less fortunate, stay true ourselves, be honest with each other, and make Classic HIT RECORDS!

Who are some of your favorite artists and what are some of your favorite songs? C: The usual suspects - B.I.G., Stevie Wonder, Pac, Otis Redding, Four Tops, Creed, Rakim, James Brown, Treach, LL, Jay-Z, AZ, Patti Labelle, Nas, Dione Warwick, TI, Pimp C, Celine Dion, Arrested Development, Earth Wind and Fire, Ice T, Ice Cube, Busta and the list goes...etc. Songs wise? Its a Hard knock Life, It Ain't Hard to Tell, Hail Mary, Wit Me or What,  Sugar Hill, and Today Was a Good Day.

What's good for 2016? What can we expect from Mid'East Entertainment in the new year? C: You can most definitely expect the official website for Mid'East, we have some shows already booked so far, we are looking to connect with the right energy that will further our Union and business plan. Campaign starts with SPACE's EP "The Boy Who Cried Music" in January; its finished. The first single "Johnny Apple Seed", the cover artwork will be out soon. On Soundcloud he has gotten 8,200+ for his first single 2 months so far; I'm very proud of him. My EP is coming soon; it will start at the end of February (Five of 10 and Goal).

How do you juggle being the CEO of an entertainment company and an artist? C: It is difficult, but I remain humble, I don't complain, I zone out. I'm the type of individual that knows my self worth, knows my brand, I know problems will occur in business and life, and I know I will shine like a diamond through adversity. 

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