Q&A with Fresh Out Da Box

Fresh Out Da Box (Osabio x KRO x ABD x I.N.C.H) is a rap group from France, specifically the south of Paris, the 91 district. They started making music back in the 90's, separately in different groups but in 2012 they decided to make a group together and the rest is history.  The guys just released their new video entitled 'Respect' feat. Godfather PT III from the Infamous Mobb. We caught up with Fresh Out Da Box to inquire about the rap scene in France, how they came together to form the group, and more.

Carlton Boyd

I know that France has a vibrant Breakdancing and Graffiti culture but what's the Rap culture like for artists in France, Paris in particular? FOTB: The rap culture in France exist since the 80's. A lot of people are following the Hip Hop culture from the day it began. Paris is full of rap artists, from the old to the new school.
Actually there are many rap genres here, as in US but many rappers of these days used to copy flows from overseas. The authenticity of our rap culture disapeared back early 2000's, that's why we want to stay original and purpose our music.

How did you guys come together to form Fresh Out Da Box? FOTB: We grew up in the same city.We all started to hit the mic when we were young. We coming from different generation and crew but we known each other almost 20 years now. We wanted to combine our flows on a same  group Abd Kro and I (Osabio). Fresh Out Da Box was a concept that came out to when we wanted to make it bigger all together.

To connect with a member of the legendary Infamous Mobb/Mobb Deep crew is a really big deal; how did the collaboration with Godfather PT III come about? FOTB:  I (Osabio) met him during the shooting of  a video clip, I introduced myself as a french rapper, we spoke a lot about rap and music in general, we chilled together all this night. At the end I purposed to send him a beat to get a verse on our project and he was ok for that.  We decided to record many songs together on our project. He stayed many months in Paris chillin' with us, we had good time with him, it's a homie and we keep in touch. He also invited us to perform the first part on his all European tour (Mobb Life Tour) and it was a dope experience.

What's next for you guys in 2016? What goals for your music have you set? FOTB: Right now we are ending our first project. And then we will work on our personal ones during 2016. Our goal is to spread our music around the world. French people listening mostly mainstream artists and no take attention of underground Hip Hop. It's not promoted like it should be here.

What message do you have for Hip-Hop fans in the United States and Canada whose first exposure to French rap music is the 'Respect' video? FOTB: Just say that in France we are Hip Hop, we want to put on the map our scene and show that we got fresh tracks right here. We hope that they liked it, and also that they want to ear more from us.

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