Clowdy: Connecting the World's Creatives

Clowdy is an online media sharing platform that allows the sharing of film, music, and photographs, all in the same place. The platform has no upload limits and removes the common restriction of allowing only one media type by encouraging quality creative content. The developers of Clowdy are based in Manchester, UK and in less than two years, the platform has grown to 100,000 members from across the world and has had 300,000 pieces of creative work uploaded to the platform.

Clowdy is basically Linkedin for creative people whose resume may be their tracklist on Soundcloud or their pictures on Tumblr.  Clowdy fosters collaborations and is a network built on recognizing creatives as well as giving credit to their colleagues. For the many artists featured on DOPECAUSEWESAID and any creative person, for that matter, Clowdy gives you the opportunity to set up a profile, connect with other creatives, whether they be fellow artists, producers, songwriters, directors, or photographers, showcase your work, and prospectively collaborate on new projects with the people you meet.  

We strongly encourage you to check out Clowdy and sign up for this great platform; we at DOPECAUSEWESAID have set up our profile and are looking forward to connecting with other music lovers such as ourselves. 

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