Who is Monev360?

Monev360 is more than just a rapper or a beatmaker; he loves making music. Monev360 is from a small town called Princeville, NC and has loved hip-hop since he used to go in his Uncle’s room to listen to his vinyl records as a kid. At the age of 11, he got the inspiration to put pen to paper and its been on ever since! This continued on through high school, college and the Air Force. He's performed on stage numerous times and has recorded lots of music. Monev360's dream is to make a living making music that comes from the heart, not just fly by night, here today gone tomorrow commercial music that doesn’t stick to your ribs. The code that he follows is punchlines and metaphors, flows, and choppin’ up samples to make beats with bangin’ drums. He's real without being a gangsta or a thug and Black with or without African medallions and a Christian without his songs being corny. He can’t and does not want to be all things to all people, but knows that there is a market for authentic hip-hop. Monev360 can always be counted on to deliver classic material to his audience of listeners.

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