What's Good with Skuzi?

Skuzi is a rapper on the come up from Hampton, VA who released an EP entitled "The Musing" earlier this year. We caught up with Skuzi to see what's next for him and to drop his new 'Now I'm Mad' freestyle. 

What's been up with you since you dropped 'The Musing'? S: Since I have dropped The Musing a big focus of mine has been what I need to do next musically and business wise. I will be re-releasing The Musing on iTunes, Spotify, etc. along with some new songs before the end of the year, along with some videos. Additionally, I am working on my next project, and an all Caribbean EP with Unique Nation of Bermuda. So, lots of work coming lol. I am also looking for any and every place to perform, so if anybody needs performers let me know!

How different is your upcoming release from 'The Musing' in terms of the production and would you say that you have grown lyrically since its release? S: I would say after this re release my next project will probably be the Caribbean project. Which will be WAAAAY different because I have to connect more to my original culture more aesthetically and focus more on the feeling of the music as opposed to focusing so heavily on the writing, which gets me out of my comfort zone. Normally I produce all my own work, and all of this production will be handled by another person. Fun fact: this is the same guy who co-produced "Raunchy" on The Musing. However, I do have a lot of singles dropping in the near future that will be full of quality lyrics.

Being that you are from the Hampton, are you influenced by music from Pharrell, Pusha T, his group the Clipse, or any other local artists in the Hampton Roads area? S: I wouldn't say inspiration comes from the artists, but more so the vibe of the area. The 757 is a blend of many different cultures since it's a mostly military area. On top of the fact that it's right in the middle of the South, the DMV, and Northern areas like Jersey and New York. So we get a mix of Go-Go, trap music, Jersey and Baltimore club, the list goes on. So rhythmically that mix and feel gives me a bounce in my aesthetic background and a little more to work with. I will say Pharell is very inspiring as a producer, plus we were both in Marching Band in high school I've actually been to competitions at his alma mater. Pusha T as well is a pivotal figure especially as an emcee.

Will your next release feature any of the artists who appeared on 'The Musing'? S: My next project will definitely include some of the artists that were heard on The Musing. Right now I am trying to grow more as a musician and network with as many people as possible before releasing a whole body, so I'm open and excited to work with any and everybody.

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