Who is John Wells?

John Wells is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter from East Baltimore, Maryland. John began writing raps at the age of 11, writing his first rap over the beat to Nuthin' But A G Thang. He began releasing music at 15 with friends from school, and eventually began working with Scotty Banx, whom he'd known of since middle school, but never actually got to talk to until 10th grade. In February 2015, John released his debut project, The KEILANI, produced by himself and mixed and mastered by Scotty Banx. Inspired by everyone from Chance the Rapper to Lil Boosie, he always wrote in order to illustrate the essence of what his life is, whether it be a story of waiting for his father to pick him up on his birthday, or an allegory of love and lust alluding to the dope game in Baltimore City, or a satire of the kids in Baltimore County who love to act like they live in the hood. Lately, John has been working quietly, occasionaly dropping things like "Beat Up Little Seagull," a song he wrote and produced during the uprising that went on in Baltimore, and more recently, the video to his song "Grass," the fifth track from The KEILANI. John is currently working on upcoming projects and plotting his next move, so clearly, there is much more to come.

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