Toron Rodgers, based in Knightdale, North Carolina, has been writing and creating ideas for film, books, online and network television for the past fourteen years.  Toron created NINE25 PRODUCTIONS in 2011 and looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with individuals or groups hoping to take the step to entertain the world.  The library of his work contains 100+ individual projects of all genres: comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, animation, plays, sitcoms, documentaries, reality television, music video treatments and commercials with the dynamics to entertain all races and cultures easily for the next fifty years.  Toron has a very open mind and would like to work with like minded as well as share knowledge and creativity of this industry and provide a platform for up and coming entertainers. Toron is also a hard worker and is dedicated to his passion.  After maintaining stability with NINE25 PRODUCTIONS, his plan is to venture into other forms of business, such as owning hotels, creating a line of automobiles, cologne, shoes, drinks, creating an organization to help the relationships between the police and citizens, help veterans and work on the hunger and homeless issue in the world. Toron doesn’t believe in limits.  

If you're interested in collaborating with Toron and NINE25 PRODUCTIONS and/or participating in the 64 Bars interview and freestyle series featured in the videos below, email him at

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