Get Familiar with Dani Rey

At age 17 most young ladies are focused on their senior prom and subsequent graduation this time of year. For Dani Rey, the priority list is a little bit different. Following the release of her debut album a few short months ago, Dani’s lead single titled “Yo!” has been creating quite a buzz. Although she was raised between Potomac, MD and Miami, Dani Rey is a proud full-blooded Cuban recording artist who is ready to make her mark in the entertainment industry. We had the opportunity to speak with Dani recently about her music, education, and what’s next on her priority list.

Bridget Hodges

So your debut album “Yo!” released a few months ago and your lead single seems to be gaining steam. How has your life changed since your album dropped?

I’ve been doing more performances and interviews. It feels good to have some music out and see how people respond to it. When people ask me what I do, I have music and content that I can show them.

Your debut album is produced by Grammy Award winning Producer Devine Evans, how did you connect with him? What was the recording process like? 

Really cool! My team and I sat down with different songwriters and producers. We came up with blueprint that fit my age. I was 16 at the time. Devine ended up producing five tracks on the album.

The lead single is also the title track, Yo! and it features another Grammy Award winner, Latin rapper Miguelito. How has the response been thus far? 

The response has been amazing, people love it! 

Will you be touring to promote the album?

Yes. I’m hoping to go out this summer. 

In addition to touring, what else is in the plans for 2016? 

I’ll be shooting the video for my new single in two weeks. The song is titled “Glow in the Dark” and it’s my favorite track on the album. It has a nice R&B groove vibe. I’m also looking to create more content for my fans. 

I see that you have donated your time and talent to various charitable organizations including St. Jude. For most young artists, service isn’t part of the vision. Why is it important to you? 

My parents instilled in me that it’s important to give back. My grandmother died from pancreatic cancer and St. Jude is an organization that is important to me for that reason. Volunteering and doing community service just makes me feel good. It’s a feeling that I can’t really explain.

You’re pretty active on social media and always fashionable in your pics. Tell me, what are your three favorite places to shop? 

Zara, Top Shop, and MissGuided (online shop/UK)

For our readers who are hearing about you for the first time, what else would you like for them to know?

Although I’m 17, I’m actually a college freshman. I graduated from high school early and now I attend Penn State World Campus online. 

Dani Rey attributes her ability to balance her education and her music career to her parents. She referenced the discipline they instilled in her and also the emphasis that they place on the importance of education. In addition to preparing for her next video, Dani is also working on new music and has plans of diving deeper into communications and marketing coursework as she completes her first-year of college. 

Dani Rey’s debut EP “Yo!” is available now via iTunes.

Check out the video for her lead single and title track featuring Miguelito below, and keep an eye on this young lady, she is indeed a rising star!

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