The Briefing launches their new album “Favourite Place”

Latvian band “The Briefing”, the members of which have been living in London since 2010, released the first single of their album “Favorite Place” at the end of January this year. The new album is already available on all major music streaming and downloading platforms around the world. 

The album has been released by the company “Mikrofona ieraksti” and the publisher of the songs is “MicRec Publishing”.

Raimonds and Kristina, band members from Liepaja, who share their moments on and off stage give their thoughts on the new album:

Raimonds: “The new album is the result of a long creative process between the initial idea and the final mix – it is a path full of surprises, because even we could not predict the final outcome. It is really fascinating to see the final results initially born from our musical ideas.”

Kristina: “All created, recorded and produced in our London flat - home studio. I love the idea of sharing our music, and it is great to know that “Favourite Place” is now available to everyone. My lyrics of the songs included in this album reflect the feelings and sensations that I have experienced myself or observed in the lives of people around me. Our priority has always been music first and lyrics after, however, I believe that with this album we have managed to merge both elements together so that they intensify the overall vibe of the record.”

Raimonds: “Everybody in the band takes part in creating the songs - each of us usually comes up with musical ideas, and I then proceed to mixing. With this album great support in the mixing process was also provided by sound engineer Francis Gorini, who completed the final mastering in his London Mastering Studio.”

Kristina: “People who like our music are usually people who are searching for something new and fresh to listen to. I think that the overall sound of our album is modern and contemporary with a touch of 80’s, but you will also notice some strong emotions and sophisticated elements.”

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