Q&A with Laci Kay aka The Italian Dutchess

Laci Kay, The Italian Dutchess, as she likes to call herself, is a 17 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actress, and Model who has performed at many venues in the LA area. After receiving over 5,000 submissions and an insanely tough selection process by the DOPECAUSEWESAID founders, Laci Kay is also one of the selected winners of the DOPECAUSEWESAID campaign using the ReverbNation platform to find the DOPEST RnB, Hip-Hop, EDM, Soul, and Pop artists in the world. Congratulations again to Laci Kay for her selection! We connected with her to find out how she juggles so many roles at such a young age, her charity work, her new music and much more. 

Carlton Boyd 

Why is it important for you to devote your time to charities such as Kids Against Animal Cruelty, Britticares, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and P.A.C.E.?

It it very important for me to take time to give back. Giving back might possibly be one he very avorite parts of my job. There's a beauty about it that can make my dry eyes teary. I love each charity so much individually, and they all mean a lot to me, each for different reasons. My family always instilled in me to care about others, and to never forget where I've come from.

Is seems that you juggle a lot between recording, songwriting, acting, and charity work; how do you juggle it all?

Haha, I do juggle a lot. It can be a little hectic sometimes. Matter of fact, it's hectic most of the time. But, I'm not mad about the insanity. Actually, the insanity comforts me. I am thoroughly enjoying every moment, and learning to never take any second for granted. I feel like I'm a sponge, just soaking up everything around me, and retaining all of the information. When I was little and was getting overwhelmed by having a lot on my plate, my dad would say, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." I never forgot that saying, and that's how I handle having a lot to do, just one day at a time.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP? Are you excited to work with the OC Hit Factory and music producer Thomas Barsoe?

I don't have an upcoming EP right now, but I do have some singles coming out very soon. One song is called "On My Own," and the other is called, "Rejected." They are both songs that I wrote, and they are both personal songs. "On My Own" is more of a girl-power anthem. "Rejected" is honestly just a song about rejection, and how we all feel it. I've actually been working with Thomas for over a month now. He's such a talented guy. But, also such a kind person. We work very well together. It's always positive vibes. e do hope to be doing an EP soon together.  I may do some fundraising gigs to pay for production.


When did you know that you wanted to have a career in the music/entertainment industry?

I'm not sure that there was an exact moment where I wanted to enter this crazy industry. Matter of fact, this industry can suck most of the time. What got me involved was, music. I love music. I've always loved music, that's the only reason I stay in this industry. If I could go without the backstabbing people,  and scams, trust me, I would. Music was a huge part of my childhood. It was always being played around my house. My parents encouraged creativity round me and my siblings. The moment that I realized I had somewhat of a talent for it, was when I was 11 or 12. I had booked a TV part and they asked who could sing.  After we all auditioned, I was chosen as the soloist without any training beating others out who were going to training regularly! hen I was 10 years old, my brother suffered a severe heart attack, and passed away. The night he passed, I wrote my very first song. From there, I never stopped writing, and then I began singing my songs. 

Tell me about the name 'The Italian Dutchess'; how did that title come about?

Well, it's no secret that I'm extremely proud to be an Italiana! I don't think there are very many American-Italians who are representing their heritage. I think that's crazy. So, I would like to be that person who can be a voice for other American-Italians. And, when I was little, my sister, Heather, told me that we're all royal people, because we are God's children. I just loved that, so, I called myself a Dutchess. Therefore, the whole name came about.

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