Watch Mballa's new video "Boomerang"

Mballa is a Washington DC based RnB singer-songwriter who just released a new video for her track "Boomerang", which is produced by Will Wildwire. Directed by MBalla and Headgraphix of A-Side ENT and choreographed by MartezDominique, "Boomerang" is Mballa's second single off her upcoming project, "Of Hearts & Men", due in June 2016. In speaking about the video, Mballa says:

"The goal for this video was to create a personal adaptation of the saying "What goes around comes around" hence the title -- "Boomerang."... But also a visual representation of the darkness that comes with having a broken heart. A lot of people, when they're heartbroken whish they could make their partner feel their pain -- empathize. 

Where I'm from, in Cameroon, that culture in which people believe in black magic really exists. We're a civilized nation that believes in spirituality. Where I'm from we say, so and so has been "attach√©." That means tied up. It's a figure of speech we use to say someone has been rid of their own free will or movement -- hence the use of voodoo dolls. So I wanted to show that. 

  • I wanted to create a contrast between motion an stillness hence the still green shots and the moving flames. The motion in the fire is the intensity of the emotion. and the stillness and leaves represents the paralysis that can exist.
  • The shot with the grey outfit and grey wall represents neutrality. It's where I chose to act as the narrator. 

"2011" had a super abstract feel to it. I love that. I love when I trust the audience enough to put two and two together. So I wanted to reproduce that but I wanted to be more cinematic with it. The quick and choppy scenes are supposed to be reminiscent of a nightmare..."

Mballa will be performing live at the Day Party on Saturday, May 7th (1:30-3:30) at Bull McCabes Irish Pub (427 W. Main Street, Durham, NC 27701). This event is in conjunction with the 3rd annual Art of Cool Festival taking place from May 6th - May 8th. Come on out to see Mballa tear down the stage along with Marc Anthony Figueras and Damaris Joi; it's sure to be an amazing show.