Calling all emerging artists, music lovers, and investors: LIVAMP is here

Founded by Andrew Kotliar, LIVAMP is an online platform facilitating fair and sustainable investing in developing talent. LIVAMP works with over 15,000 artists annually through its network of global curation partners to connect amazing artists with investors and opportunities. 

  • An artist has a project in mind to push his/her career forward (e.g. record EP, shoot a music video, go on tour etc.). He/she sets the terms and the scope of the project on the LIVAMP platform;
  • Funders invest to receive a minority percent of the copyright for a song(s) for a defined period of time;
  • Money is directed for pre-approved service providers (e.g. a verified recording studio);
  • Investors receive a percent of publishing royalties from those songs until expiration

The terms are fairly negotiated between artist and investors, and all royalties paid directly to the investor when available. 

One example of the hundreds of artists who have utilized the LIVAMP platform is Karim. He went from unknown singer to Internet superstardom after a 2013 stint on The X Factor turned him into a social media sensation. The American-born Guinean singer began posting weekly videos of himself singing for his followers on Instagram and YouTube. He used his online popularity to raise $1 million worth of medical supplies back to his home in West Africa. Now he’s hoping to garner that same fan support to fund his debut album, a collaboration with Nigeria’s biggest superstar, Davido. Karim is using LIVAMP in an effort to secure $215,000 to record an album, shoot a video, and more. In exchange he’s willing to give up 20% of royalties for five years to those that invest. 

LIVAMP also provides a number of great services including on-demand artist virtual management, live performance content, event booking, and a service network for production and promotion. For much more about what LIVAMP can offer emerging artists, lovers of great music, creatives, and investors, connect with LIVAMP below.

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