What's next with Baltimore rap artist Don Neil

Don Neil is a very DOPE rap artist out of Baltimore who has been featured on our site numerous times over the past two years. He always comes with the freshest tunes and actually won Hip-Hop Artist of the Year for the DOPEST List for 2015 and contributed to our free compilation album "The Definition of DOPE" with his single 'Run Wit It!'.  Don just released his first new track of 2016 entitled 'Find Your Love', so we thought that it was only right that we touch base with him to find out what's next for his music career. 

Carlton Boyd

We're big fans of your latest single 'Find Your Love'; how did it come about and who produced it? 

It came about one late night, I was just doing some school work and through procrastination I found 'FlashBeats'. When I heard the instrumental, I instantly had flashbacks about this girl that I loved and from there story unfolded.

Can we expect an EP, mixtape or album from you soon? 

Soon, I'll say that. I've been working and writing a lot lately, but everything is going to happen naturally.

Of the songs you've recorded thus far, do you have a favorite? 

Hands down it would be 'Run Wit It!' One of my proudest songs.

How do you stand out from the other Baltimore emcees who are making major noise right now? What makes you different? 

I'm in my zone, I'm not trying to please a certain crowd of people, by making songs that only "bumps" I'm giving people my heart fully exposed on my sleeve. I don't feel the need to mask the feelings.

Tell us about your upcoming collaboration with Marc Anthony Figueras. 

Ah, man. Our collab is going to be tight, I think it'll be great, he produced the beat as well. I can say there was some west coast influence on it to say the least.

What's your beat selection process like? Do you try to avoid picking instrumentals that are too similar to what's poppin' on the radio and internet now? 

My process usually is to pick things, I like. Things that make my brain click and I'm able to just free write to it. Now I don't mind what's popping on the radio/internet sometimes just as an exercise I might write to them, sometimes I just write things I know could be used for someone else but not me.

Two years from now, what do you want to be said about you and your music? 

Two years from now, I want people to say that I gave them hope and something to appreciate about themselves. 

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