Drumma SC releases “Talm Bout” music video

Drumma SC follows-up with a music video for his recently released single, entitled “Talm Bout.” The Carolina born hip-hop artist, gives his “views” of his upbringing in the small town of Cheraw, SC. Drumma visually grasps the attention of viewers with images of dirt roads, old shotgun slave-style homes, abandoned factories, simultaneously showing the beauty of nature in this small “Dixie” town.
My vision was to visually depict my roots and upbringing and correlate it to my growth and evolution as an artist and person in general. Certain things that we consider our foundation, origins of our morals, how we find our life’s paths and develop goals for ourselves start from the environment we come up in. This is mine… country, dirt road, family oriented, struggling, church going, fan waving, slave descendant, Africans in the diaspora. All the elements that help mold me are present.
Cheraw, also the birthplace of Jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, has much historical landmarks that most bear witness to as what made this once major shipping center and head of navigational waters via the Pee Dee River, so great. Widely known as a major center of the American Revolutionary War, its major role in the Civil War and, at one point, being the largest cotton market in the south. However for its African American inhabitants and natives, it serves as reminders of a much grimmer past riddled with slave trade and oppression.

About Drumma SC: Drumma SC first gained notoriety in his musical base city, Charlotte, NC being known for his raw passion, perseverance, and magnetic lyrical ability. Born in the small town of Cheraw, SC, Drumma has experienced every facet of “country live’n,” From growing up in nature, around farm life and dirt roads to witnessing direct effects of economic hardship stemming from the vanishing of a once booming textile industry. Actively involved in bringing forth solutions to social issues involving community and human rights, Drumma integrates his passion for music with his passion for creating positive change and development.

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