Plug into AMPLI.FI — The live online music community

We are excited to announce AMPLI.FI, the new live-streaming platform that is 100% focused on music. The developers' big dream is that AMPLI.FI will become the place where live music happens, the community where artists and music lovers connect online like never before. In addition to video livestreaming and chat, the platform includes a tipjar and monthly $5 VIP Fan subscriptions to any artist on AMPLI.FI - with much more to come! 

Artists schedule streams that range from guitar ballads to band practices to drum tutorials to DJ sessions --- the list goes on. 

AMPL.FI is launching today on the web, mobile web and iPhone. The 40-odd artists who’ve already signed up for the platform will be there for an all-day launch party starting around noon, pacific time.

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Read an intro blog post about the founders' vision of AMPLI.FI:

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