DOPECAUSEWESAID's powerful interview with RnB/Pop/EDM artist Edidion

Edidion is an artist with an abundance of talent who possesses an unmatched drive to become the best entertainer he can be. Edidion began his musical career in 2010 and has been on an upward rise ever since. Music critics say Edidion is the ‘next big thing’, ‘one to watch’ and recognize his unique sound and diverse style.

He's about to drop his new single 'Power' this Friday, June 17th, and believe us when we tell you that it is a perfect blend of Pop, RnB, EDM and Dance music. We connected with Edidion to find out more about 'Power', his inspiration to create music, his last project "Statistic" and much more.  

Carlton Boyd

How would you describe your style of music to someone who has never heard it?

I would describe my music as unique, refreshing and cutting edge. I tap into many different genres of music to be boxed into one but you’ll always get a different vibe when you hear my music. 

Describe your creative process for us.

Firstly I listen to the instrumental, get a feel for the overall energy of the beat and then I try to figure out the best story to write. Over the years I’ve gotten better at songwriting but it definitely wasn’t easy at first. I had writers block all the time! 

Tell us about your "Statistic" EP. Where can it be streamed and downloaded? 

Statistic is my first EP; it can be streamed and downloaded via my bandcamp page – On that EP I wanted to get a lot of things off my chest and show the world that I have depth. When you listen to the songs on Statistic they each tell a different story, the beats are different from each other as well as the melodies. I feel like I’m ahead of my time and in the future people will look back on that EP and see how creative I was. 

Of all the songs you've recorded, do you have a favorite or one that personified you the most?

That would be a song called “Statistic” it’s the intro on my EP of the same name. That song was a poem that I wrote about how I feel in regards to the current state of the world and how hard it is to elevate when you don’t have the same privileges as other people. That song embodies me and the message I want to promote as an artist. 

What inspires you to create music? Are you influenced by your Nigerian background and music? 

My love and passion for music is what inspires me, I truly love doing it so I’m always trying to create the best music I can make. I definitely would love to collaborate with a Nigerian artist or make a song that pays homage to my Nigerian heritage, it will happen soon. 

Tell us about the 'Power' single. Who produced it and how did it come together?

Power is a disco inspired song produced by Turreekk. The writing process for the song was challenging, I wrote six different versions of that song until the final version that you all will hear. I miss those classic disco/dance anthems like “I Will Survive” and “A Night to Remember”; I wanted to create that energy again in 2016 so that’s how Power came to be. 

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