Get to know Richmond based rap artist Metallic Keem

Metallic Keem is a Richmond based rap artist whose influences include Eminem, Big L, and Nas. His latest release "Maroon Angel" is a Hip-Hop head's dream because it blends Metallic Keem's complex metaphors and lyrical prowess and the dope instrumentals of Swooshisreal, D.Scott, Chemist, Mike B. Jetson, and Dj Gringo. We connected with Metallic Keem to find out more about "Maroon Angel" as well as his latest video "6418 Cyrus", and much more. 

Carlton Boyd

What does your name 'Metallic Keem' mean?

Metallic Keem came from when I used to say "Hardbody" before my verses started and people began to call me that but it didn't sound cool to me so I had to think of a clever way to change it and thought of "Metallic Mario" which is literally just a metaphor for Hardbody and my stage name was always keem so I put them together. 

Tell us about your latest project "Maroon Angel"; who worked with you on this album and where can we hear it?

Maroon Angel took some time to put together but I feel the time & energy it took to create it was worth the outcome. Me and Swooshisreal worked really close on the full body of work, D.Scott brought an amazing sound that was needed with the keys and his ideas, i also worked with other producers such as Chemist, Mike B. Jetson, and Dj Gringo. The full album can be heard at

I'm really feeling your new video "6418 Cyrus". How did you select that location and how long did it take to shoot it?

The video location for 6418 Cyrus was selected by Swooshisreal and was shot/edited by Devoter Visuals. It took two days to shoot because there were two different locations hours away from each other, getting a lot of those shots were dangerous but the experience was amazing.

What are your thoughts about the music scene in Richmond, specifically the Hip-Hop community?

I think the hip hop scene in Richmond is slowly growing. The artists, producers, Djs, ect. are coming together to build a foundation to put rva on the map. I still feel we have alot of work to do and could use a few more outlets in the city for the local talent to take advantage of but it's coming together.

Are you working on a follow-up to Maroon Angel at this time? If so, do you have an ideal date for when you want to unleash it?

I have an idea for the follow up project but no set date for it yet. It's definitely going to be produced by Hyfin but as of right now I'm going to continue to push Maroon Angel while I'm doing shows and recording new music, some will get released and some will be for the next album. 

You mentioned that Big L and Nas are two of your biggest influences; what about them sticks out to you as poets to emulate?

Big L was a major influence because of his wordplay and the way he approached his music with witty punchlines and that smooth flow. Nas was inspirational because of the knowledge he gave in his music and the flow that almost every artist after him was inspired by, it made me want to create music that could inspire people and that they could relate to, putting them in a place where they could get lost in my music.

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