Get to know Bryan Deister, the multi-talented creator of "Spines of the Heart"

Bryan Deister is a classically trained musician whose sound is a fusion of experimental rock and electronic music. Currently a student at the Berklee College of Music, Bryan recently released his latest project "Spines of the Heart", which took him three years to write, and is an album of brooding reflection. We connected with Bryan to find out what significance the album's title has, how he decided which songs made the cut for the album, who his musical influences are and much more. After reading our exclusive interview with Bryan, Stream/Download "Spines of the Heart" here -- Cdbaby.

Carlton Boyd

Tell us about "Spines of the Heart"; does the album title have a special significance?

That connecting with others hurts them.  That that which protects the heart holds it together. Why must the thorns have a rose?

Who are some of your musical influences?

Kurt Cobain, Lil B, Federico Mompou, Radiohead.  Recently traditional Indonesian gamelan music. The ones I can't name are probably the ones that have done more damage.

When did you start playing music? How many instruments do you play?

Started with piano at 7.  But I think I'm really a percussionist at heart.  I play some drums and dabble in guitar, bass, and trumpet.  I started singing late in high school.  But I am a pianist in reality.

How did you decide which songs made it on the "Spines of the Heart" album?

I had a hundred song(s) to start, but it wasn't  difficult to pick the songs.  I just eliminated everything I thought wasn't perfect.

Tell us about your experience at Berklee College of Music; when are you scheduled to graduate and what will you do afterwards?

Well Berklee is an interesting place, and I've met a lot of interesting people here.  I like the variety of musical interest.  But I am excited to graduate in August and after that I'm putting together a tour.

Are there any artists or composers with whom you would love to collaborate with?

It seems I'm one of the few who enjoys being alone and unloved.  I'm always looking to work on new projects with anyone.  I'd love to collaborate.

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