Exclusive interview with Suffolk based Urban Pop artist Jake Aldridge

Jake Aldridge is a Suffolk, UK based artist who considers his sound Urban Pop because he effortlessly combines Hip-Hop, Pop, and RnB to create an auditory amalgam all his own. He just released his new single 'When I'm Feeling Down' which we have chosen to be our latest Song of the Week; it is also available for download on iTunes. We connected with Jake to get a better idea about who his musical inspirations are, when we can expect an EP or album from him and much more. 

Carlton Boyd 

When you were younger, who were some of your musical inspirations?

I was most heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur. I loved his lyrics and his outspokenness. I enjoyed the contrast in his personality and in his music. He could do a battle rap song which wouldn't dare to play to your Mother, yet he could also write a song as a tribute to all Mothers out there. 

I like how you blend Pop, Hip-Hop and RnB in your latest single 'When I'm Feeling Down'; how would you describe your sound?

This is always a difficult one to answer. I guess my music is like 'Urban Pop' really. I like to always have a catchy sound to reel people in, but once their in, I like to keep them there, and try to do so by adding more depth to the song via the lyrics. I've worked with fantastic producers such as Year 92, Johann Elliott and ACJ Beats, but I've always been more of a lyricist myself. 

What's next for you? Can we expect an EP or full length album soon?

Pretty soon, I'm shooting a music video for a new single which is titled 'Fireman'. I'm so excited because I believe it's the best song I've ever done. It features Lisa Ambrose & was produced by Year 92. I'd like to include that as part of an album maybe, I just have no idea what i'd call it !

Do you have dream collaboration with another artist or producer?

I was thinking recently that I'd love to work with some UK Artist's such as Adele or Ellie Goulding. I'm also a big fan of Nelly, B.O.B & Nas as well. 

What do you enjoy most about being an artist? And to follow-up on that question, what's the hardest part?

I love that with music, it's a recording, which will stay the same forever. I had many hobbies growing up, but my memories of them are slowly fading away. I love that I'll have my music with me forever. 

The hardest part about making music is actually getting people to hear it. It's a funny world when the actual making the music is the easy part! There are so many great artists out there these days, it's so competitive now. We're all doing the same thing so I try and push myself to always think outside the box. 

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