Reeko Rokk's "On Everything I Love" mixtape drops on June 12th

After 2 years of constant recording, switching the tracklist and reviewing the mixtape countless times, we are proud to present the "On Everything I Love" (OEIL) mixtape to the masses.

OEIL comes from Raleigh's very own Reeko Rokk. This mixtape features a trap-melody sound with raw lyrics and a lot of feeling. You can hear the pain and aggression in EVERY track, as that is pretty much the signature of Reeko's songs. The emotion caught in the project gives you an inside look at the life of a young hustler, as well as all of the struggles, pain, battles and thoughts that come with it. OEIL is truly a project of feeling more than anything else.

OEIL features production from the likes of BeatZombie, TM88, Taz Taylor, CMPLX, Dynamic Vonn, Kelly Portis, DJ Swift and more. OEIL also includes two features, one from local rapper - Taee Fame and the other from his PA based-cousin 'Smokey" of MoneyTeam. This was purposely done as the artist is purely showcasing his songwriting ability.

OEIL is due to be released on June 12th, so be sure to come back to because we will have it ready for you to stream/download. We will also be interviewing Reeko Rokk and reviewing the mixtape over the next few days, but in the meantime, check out some of Reeko's older music and behind the scene videos so you can get your mind right for what's to come real soon. 

Connect with Reeko Rokk: Twitter   YouTube