DOPECAUSEWESAID crowdfunding campaign has launched!


DOPECAUSEWESAID is an online platform and brand based in Raleigh, NC that is an aggregator for all things DOPE relating to music by emerging artists, as well as culture, and style. We strive to be digital media influencers, connecting the world to amazingly talented emerging artists, creatives and brands through the DOPECAUSEWESAID purview.

DOPECAUSEWESAID is the brainchild of Simon Boamah and Carlton Boyd and the idea went from concept to reality in July 2014 when the two founders first launched the DOPECAUSEWESAID website. Since then, the platform and brand have grown in scale and scope but it always come back to the original question - "What can we build to showcase the great work of emerging artists, creatives, and brands and connect them with people from around the world?" With your financial contribution, the DOPECAUSEWESAID team can continue finding answers.

What others are saying about DOPECAUSEWESAID: 

DOPECAUSEWESAID is an amazing platform that showcases, supports and promotes new talents from all over the world. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with people who are committed to delivering quality content. - Charlotte Gomes, Project Light Agency, UK

DOPECAUSEWESAID has been a huge positive driving force in my career, always making sure to lift up my music. They've written incredible, well thought out articles regarding my music as well as introduced to me to dope music from around the world! - Bateau, Melbourne, Australia (Trip-Hop/RnB/Hip-Hop)

Everyone over at DOPECAUSEWESAID is the homie. They've always showed hella genuine love & it's evident that they want to see good people & good music win. - Dylan Reese, Massachusetts (RnB)

Why this campaign matters

This crowdfunding campaign matters because we aspire to take the DOPECAUSEWESAID platform and brand to the next level and you can help us do it. Our goal for this campaign is to raise $5,000; your donations will assist us in a number of ways and allow us to: 

1) host artist showcases, pop-up shows, and artwalks in the Raleigh-Durham area featuring local emerging artists, painters and artisans;

2) host networking events for emerging artists, creatives, and brands in the Raleigh-Durham area;

3) develop a DOPECAUSEWESAID mobile application (Android/iOS); 

4) develop a DIY webinar video series for emerging artists/producers with tips, tools, and suggestions that they can use to propel their careers;

5) film a documentary on the music scene for emerging artists in the Raleigh-Durham area; and 

6) develop a mentorship program called “Creativity Plug”, which will connect Raleigh-Durham area at-risk high school students who have an interest in creative arts such as graphic design, website development, music production, photography, etc. with professionals in that career area who will mentor and guide them toward success.

DOPE Perks!

When you make a $10 contribution, you will receive a shoutout from us on our website

When you make a $25 contribution, you will receive an official DOPECAUSEWESAID coaster and a handwritten note from the founders, Carlton Boyd and Simon Boamah, thanking you personally.

When you make a $50 contribution, you will receive an autographed official DOPECAUSEWESAID picture book with photos of artists, pictures taken by photographers, and artwork by painters who have been featured on our website. 

When you make a $100 contribution, you will receive a DOPECAUSEWESAID Perk Pack which includes a DOPECAUSEWESAID tee shirt, a compilation album featuring new music by artists who have appeared on our website, a DOPECAUSEWESAID coaster, and a DOPECAUSEWESAID magnet.