DOPECAUSEWESAID connects with Kristinia DeBarge, the multi-talented musician, model and star of Growing Up Hip-Hop

Kristinia DeBarge is an RnB singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who recently dropped the very DOPE "Thinking Out Loud", an EP which features one of our favorite videos, "Fadeout" feat. IAMSU. Kristinia is also a model and actress, appearing in the films "Christmas in Compton", "School Dance", directed by Nick Cannon, and "The Mint". Earlier this year, Kristinia starred in the We TV reality series Growing Up Hip-Hop, with Boogie Dash, Egypt Criss, TJ Mizell, Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller.

We connected with Kristinia to find out what she's most proud of in her career since she has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, where she fits in her family tree as a DeBarge, one of the most celebrated families in music, and so much more. After reading our exclusive interview with Kristinia, be sure to stream/download "Thinking Out Loud" (links provided below) and tune in to Growing Up Hip-Hop on WE TV; Season 2 is coming soon! 

Carlton Boyd

You have accomplished a lot in your career in a short amount of time; what would you say that you're most proud of?

Thank you! Some of my most proud moments would be becoming a double platinum recording artist and opening up for Britney Spears on her Circus tour. That was something I could have only dreamed of! It was surreal in that when I was a little girl I would listen to her albums and then fast forward a few years later and I’m opening for her!

Your last name carries a lot of weight in the entertainment community; where do you fit in the DeBarge family tree?

I am the daughter of James DeBarge. People know him as the one for marrying Janet Jackson. 

If you had to choose between being solely an actress, model or musician, which career path would you select?

I would chose to be a musician. Music is my first love. 

Tell us about the "Thinking out Loud" EP; what are you most proud of with this project and where can our readers stream/download it?

"Thinking Out Loud" was a project I had been working on for over two years before I put it out. I was very selective about what songs I was going to release. In regards to this EP, since it was my comeback since “Exposed,” the EP was a big deal for me because I was finally showing the world that I had grown up - that I was no longer a little girl.

Your readers can download it on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

How long did it take for you to get comfortable with a camera following you around for "Growing Up Hip-Hop"? Is it possible to forget that you have a whole videography team with you while you interact with the other cast members?

I don’t think I was ever uncomfortable because I had been around cameras ever since I was young, around 12 years old or so. I was on a reality show at a young age. I don’t think it came as a shock to me. I have always been natural in front of cameras. Depending on what I’m filming would dictate if my nerves kicked in or not. 

No, I never forget that there is a camera team - if I forget I’d get in trouble! LOL. 

What's next for you in regards to your music, modeling and acting?

I’m working on my third international studio album currently which I plan to put out early next year. There are a few different endorsement deals in the works but nothing that i can talk about at the moment.

Currently, I'm going out on auditions for many different movie roles. Wish me luck!

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