Charlotte's very own Day Brown releases new album "Midnight Blue"

"Midnight Blue" is an abruptly delicate mix of where Day Brown, a rap artist and writer from Charlotte, comes from and where he is today. Much like the color of the night sky, "Midnight Blue" holds a deep darkness and yet still is identifiably blue due to its light.  The result is a sound that at times is both simple and electric. 

The duality being chased here is important, combining rap & melody with performance ability to create a strong, conversational piece for listeners. The 10 track album has two parts; "Part A" (tracks 1-5) catering to 808s and heavy trap kits, and “Part B”(tracks 6-10), a more soulful and free exploration of Day Brown. 

The multi-faceted artist remains flexible yet succinct in the overall vibration, with each track bringing listeners closer to who Day Brown is through the scope of his relationships and experiences. "Midnight Blue" is a personal conversation, open to be had with any and all willing to listen.  

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