Pop sensation RZMRY discusses her very DOPE debut EP "GLD"

RZMRY is a breakout Pop artist from Connecticut that you need to get familiar with. RZMRY is a self-taught musician who, in her younger years, sang in church, plays the guitar, ukulele, and piano, and is involved in every step of the creative process of her music. On March 13th, RZMRY released a very DOPE four-track EP entitled "GLD" and after rocking out to it in our office, we found it very necessary to connect with her to learn more about her project, find out how she got her start in music, find out who influences her musically, and much more. 

Carlton Boyd

How did you get your start with music and who are some of your musical inspirations? 

That is a good question. I have no idea who or what to blame for my start with music. My mom says I was humming before I was even talking. My musical inspirations are constantly changing, but my biggest constant is Katy Perry. I’m afraid she’s going to google her name one day and then I’m going to come up because I say that in every interview, but it’s the truth! (And by afraid I mean, I hope it happens).

Tell us about your creative process when it comes to making a song. Do you prefer to hear an instrumental first before writing? 

My creative process is ever-changing, but I’d say I prefer to hear/write an instrumental first. I may have lyric ideas or only a chorus or verse written out, then go in for the instrumental, and then go back and finish fleshing out the rest of the song. The thing is that by next week I might have completely changed my mind! It depends on the song and my mood, etc. If it was the same every time I would get bored and probably not want to do this anymore.

How would you define your sound to someone who has never your music before? 

I normally describe it as “Indie-pop & kind of electronic,” but I want to start using better adjectives… like… maybe it sounds like Gold Bubblegum Lit on Fire. That would smell delightful, not sure how it would taste though.

How do you deal with writer's block?

I don’t. I’ve learned not to force it. If I am sitting for hours and nothing’s coming to me, I will either start working on a new/different song or I’ll stop completely. Taking a break to stimulate myself with other tasks has proven to be the best way to kick writer’s-block’s butt. Once my battery’s are recharged, I can pump out a little something.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist and what do you enjoy the least about it?

What I enjoy most about being an artist is the art and everything that comes along with it. I love the art and the people and the unifying quality that art has. My least favorite part is that in this day and age, art gets seen in and heard in a less organic way; it’s all about money. I have personally struggled to get to where I am now in my career as an artist and it’s barely begun, so I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for someone with less privilege than myself… I hate that.

What can your fans and new followers of your music who haven't heard the "GLD" EP expect from it?

My EP “GLD” came out March 13th — solely for the reason that I have a thing for the numbers three and thirteen, any variation of three and one, really. Fans can look forward to more coming up… first and foremost, I’ll be releasing a visual representation for each song. I have never filmed a music video before, but I have quit the vivid imagination, so I’m excited to see what I can make come to life. After that, they can look forward to performances, which I am so looking forward to because it means meeting fans in the flesh aka making new friends.

Are you looking forward to touring in support of the "GLD" EP?

YES.  I wanna be tearing up waves by day and stages by night. I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.

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