"In Cascade", the new EP by The Amber Herd is now available for stream/download

...both blissfully melancholic indie and uplifting stripped-back folk and comes to a sprawling, open-mouthed finish with an almost Velvet Underground-esque wall of sound, acoustics flitting between prog keyboard stabs and all buried under Neil Beards' darkly overdriven Mary Chain guitar.  Nottingham's best kept secret?"  www.thiscitymagazine.co.uk

The Amber Herd - In Cascade; having positioned Our Only Eden in the here and now with their debut album released in 2014, Nottingham’s The Amber Herd now sets its sights on the stars. 

The band releases “In Cascade”- a new 25 minute four track EP on Herdworks Records in July 2016.

  • The lead track and single “Northern Sky” is one of the band’s biggest pop statements to date. A sub-four-minute driving melodic song designed for radio.
  • Second track up is “Hall of Mirrors” which is an altogether weirder psychedelic journey suggesting that things are not always as they seem.  This track features duelling guitar and keys and the appearance of a very famous literary figure. 
  • At the request of producer Mark Rolfe (Lorna - Words on Music Records) the band revisit “Thursday”, an old single, for track three.  This is the definitive version of this song and meets the original vision the band had for it, a beautiful ballad with guest vocals from original band member Rachel Edge.
  • Finally, as it’s The Amber Herd, the E.P. finishes with an eight-minute monster, this time in the shape of a trippy remix of Our Only Eden album track (and the band’s debut single) Stage Fright by Brighton based Payola Disco.

The band will launch the EP with a show at the Nottingham Bodega on Friday 22nd, with Lorna and Blue Period.

The Amber Herd are:

Neil Beards:          Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Paul Wentworth:   Electric Guitar/Vocals
Rob Fitzmaurice:  Bass Guitar
Mark Lasbury:       Drums
Ollie Powditch:     Keyboards

The Amber Herd are a psych-scented indie outfit.  Great use of guitars and Theremin, truly arresting vocals, and a moody feel … they know how to use dynamics. This lot should be massive, if there is any justice (damn it)."
Record Collector Magazine – July 2015

“'Nottingham city-based post-punk outfit The Amber Herd - and when we say "post punk", we mean like the master class of 1984 perfected so vehemently back in the day'
Dom Gourlay - Drowned in Sound

“It is difficult to believe this is the band’s first full length release as it feels very accomplished and like a third or fourth album by a veteran group. I would need to hear it a few more times, but that is something I am willing to do for the pure musical and lyrical enjoyment. I expect we will all be hearing a lot more from these guys and I look forward to it” 
RedDom – Nottingham live magazine

There isn’t a single second in this album that could be taken out. Our Only Eden is a chilled out album perfect for the long summer nights. The Amber Herd are definitely ones to watch; don’t be put off by their alternative approach, just sit back and relax because they’ve got it all under control”
Sian Hodkin – Derbyshire Times

With a powerful sound, and evoking lyrics The Amber Herd deliver a masterpiece with “Our Only Eden”
Spaced Out Magazine

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