Singer-songwriter Jackson Harris connects with DCWS to discuss his recent tours, music, and NYC

Jackson Harris is a very talented New York City based singer-songwriter who recently released the visual for his song "Feels Like". We connected with Jackson to find out more about his recent tours with Cody Simpson and Jacob Whitesides, his participation with the Musicians on Call charity organization, whether he welcomes the day when he can no longer ride the New York subway without swarms of fans noticing him and much more.

Carlton Boyd

Tell us about your recent tours with Cody Simpson and Jacob Whitesides; what were some of the highlights?

I loved getting to tour with both Cody and Jacob. I was lucky enough to work with Cody Simpson on two different European tours so I got really close with him, his band and his team! After two trips through Europe, a third tour with Jacob Whitesides was the icing on the cake! The highlights of the tour include some awesome post show backstage parties followed by seeing all the amazing cities and sights!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you sing or seen you perform?

My music is evolving constantly but I would describe it as honest Pop/Rock music...

What does your participation in 'Musicians on Call' mean to you, as well as your performances at charity concerts? 

Music is something I have found to be very healing and therapeutic for me. So I wanted to be able to share that with anyone who felt any emotional or physical pain. Musicians On Call is a great organization that allows me to visit hospitals and play some songs for the patients and try to take their minds off the illnesses they are battling. Performing at these charity events reminds me how lucky I am to be able to do what I love and make someone's day a bit better. The real heroes are the nurses and doctors.

How has your upbringing in New York City influenced your music and who are some of your musical inspirations?

Growing up in New York City has provided me with a great outlook on the world. The city is such a melting pot of ideas, ethnicities, sounds, tastes, and emotions. I try to pick up on the energy and pace of New York and try to capture some of the realness and vibe that the city is famous for.

Some of my musical influences include The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen, to Jay-Z, John Mayer and Justin Timberlake.

Do you look forward to the day when you won't be able to ride the subway without a swarm of fans screaming your name or being able to have a normal date night like you did in your video "Feels Like"? 

Yes. In the best case scenario I want to not be able to walk down the street. But with that being said, I am a city kid so nothing will ever stop me from hopping a subway or taxi. And if fans wanna come along then they are more than welcome to! :) 

Following up the last question about "Feels Like", will that song appear on an upcoming EP or album?

Yes, I have been working on a collection of new songs and I'm using the summer to really grow as a writer and producer. There will be an upcoming album with a whole bunch of new songs that will push the audience to new heights and take them places musically that I have never gone to before. 

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