Las Vegas Based Producer And DJ HSVN Releases "HERS: Prelude" EP

Acclaimed young producer, singer-songwriter HSVN (Hassan) has just released the first installment of an immensely elicit work entitled HERS: Prelude.

The Las Vegas based producer and disc jockey recorded his first album at home. HERS: Prelude is the first of two EP’s that will be released before his debut project HERS. HVSN’s talent invites you to a slow tempo eclectic sound with elements of seduction that entices your senses and relatable lyrics. 

Combining elements of trap, hip-hop and r&b, HSVN is establishing and owning his signature sound. Reminding us of an early Travis Scott meets Bryson Tiller, it’s only a matter of time until HSVN follows in their footsteps to reach astronomical new heights,” said MTV.

With HERS: Prelude HVSN vividly delivers a memorable sound painting a picture of what is HERS. A sensual, yet trap beat ballad, “No Control” embodies HVSN’s signature sound.   Followed up with “ICGH”, the lucid upbeat song will one minute have you dancing and the next asking the enticing questions, “What do you do when you can’t get high no more”. Ending the EP with the raw lyrics of “Come & Go” will have you reminiscing on romance and the cold reality of turning your back on love.

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