PelhamBX Discusses His New Album And Establishing His Legacy In The Borough Of Legends

The Bronx's own PelhamBX just released his new album "The New Golden Era" and it's 17 songs worth of that 'real' Hip-Hop that the rap game has been missing, or should I say, neglecting, for way too long. We connected with the emcee to discuss his new release, find out how he adds to the incredible legacy established by legendary artists like KRS-1, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, and Big Pun, as well as how he got his start in music, and much more. After reading this exclusive interview, click the album cover below to stream/download PelhamBX's "The New Golden Era". 

You come from a borough and city in general with such an amazing history in Hip-Hop. The BX is the birthplace of the art form and NYC is home to the greatest emcees alive. What do you have to add as an artist to this legacy?

My legacy stems from the not spoken stories of NY. Being brought up in the X, the birth place of Hip Hop, I'm just cut from a different cloth. I done seen and been part of things that's not always glorious but Uptown it's easy to be a product of your own environment. I can't see being anything less than great especially since I came up under one of the best in the game Big Pun. I mean trendsetting started with the KRS 1s and Fat Joes of the game. I aim to keep the art form alive while representing my roots without the need for any cosigns.

Tell us about the new song 'Dollars' off your new album "The New Golden Era". Who produced the song and how do you want listeners to take from it?

Oh 'Dollars' that's my shyt, shout out to my London connect.  Acappella Poets actually produced that record for a video game placement we still working on. The record has a 90's feel to it. You know the original golden era ha ha. I mean I'm about the art form, craft and culture. I wanna be able to continue raising the bar with quality records. So I work with new producers established and up and coming. I want listeners to walk away with damn that's a dope record and that's Track 1 off my new album "The New Golden Era".

Break down your new album "The New Golden Era" for us. What does that album title mean to you and tell us why everybody reading this needs to go to iTunes and buy it.

If I had to break down my new album I would have to start with the name. The New Golden Era represents a change for the better in this culture of Hip Hop. It's cool to listen to tracks that move you based on the event but let's not forget about the foundation. Some of the best rappers was commercially incline without jeopardizing the art form or integrity. This album is a diverse project that addresses many topics steaming from personal situations in my life. It's cool to have features but nowadays it's too many. It's like as a fan I want to hear what the artist gotta say if I'm going like or relate to his or her music. I decided I wanted a different sound from my last album "The Bronx" and so I decided to get producers from all over the world; I'm talking about Germany, London, Sweden, Cali, Philly, Netherlands, Amsterdam & New York of course. Just to give me a sound I was looking for. Most of the time you hear a new artist and they might have one song you like and the rest of their album is garbage. That's wack and exactly what I'm talking about everybody serving that crap and expecting a loyal fanbase. Nah homie more like one hit wonders. I mean let's be real anything can be a hit nowadays depend on how it's being pushed. The majors is about that $$$ and they definitely messing the game up while doing it. But anyways I'm here to represent me and mines as real individuals true stories and authenticity. I was raised to be a leader and will continue that legacy and build up our culture outside of the music like the charity events I hold in memory of my mother who was called too soon because of cancer. I want the fans to attach themselves to a New York sound and plant their ears around quality music straight out the mecca of Hip Hop. I'm talking production, sound, delivery and originality.

How did you get your start in music? Who are some artists who inspired you to pick up the pen and pad?

Damn, let's see; my start in music... well my uncle used to DJ and I was always around music, it's part of the culture no matter how we look at it uptown. I come from the Bounce Squad Red Man Ron G and Clue era. Like see battle raps and cyphers started uptown. I started out featuring on a few of my people across town, tracks for fun, all because my people's was like yo you probably be nice if you tried rapping seriously because of all the shyt you go though lol them type of stories you would have to be there to believe. From there I got introduced to a good friend by the name of Young Lord and the rest is history. Me being a entrepreneur only transferred over to the music; that's why I still move independently. I never really got the concept of another person's owning the right to what I say smh like F that. Don't get me wrong business is business and if I'm well compensated then that's the accord we come to regarding that particular situation. But not to go too far into that aspect. I always had love for the art and true essence of the culture do I was drawn to it like basketball and money. The competitive nature of it all runs through my veins.

This is a tough question but if you had to pick one song from your catalog that defines you the most, which song would you select and why?

Damn that is a tough question because every last one of these songs has a part of me attached. I would have to say 'Rotten Apple' because of the message I hope listeners receive. But then again you said my catalog so 'Am 1' is another that really touches homes because I opened up about some serious aspects of my life.

I just want to thank my family, friends, R.BarberMusicGroup, my fam Peacoat Poppa and sis Trina Taylor who has an album out by the name of "Bronx Melodies" for all their support. We will continue to bring the culture something to hear and be proud of to argue who the best! With out any major, we still major.

Thank you for the opportunity to reach new fans and tell my story in a short but coherent fashion. I like what y'all are bringing to the culture. Keep it up word!!!. Salute to all the existing and new fans it's because of you why we continue to do what we do. Your voice will never go unheard! One!

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