Afro Sensei Releases New Single ‘Lazarus’, New Album Slated For Release In October

It’s been a quiet few months since Afro Sensei released a remix EP for his bombastic, industrial-house single 'Southern Gothic,' but the Louisiana-based artist/producer has spent the time away twiddling knobs and creating new music.

One of the fruits of this studio labor is 'Lazarus', the first single from his forthcoming full-length album, entitled "After Hours". A ferocious slab of tech-house, the track features vocals from Sensei himself, while the lyrics take aim at the debilitating effects of religious indoctrination.

“Having something pummeled into your brain Sunday after Sunday basically telling you ‘you ain’t shit’ from the time you can’t even talk is poisonous,” Sensei says. “It can make you doubt your own intelligence, your own sense of morality. Nothing should be so sacred that you can’t question it.” Listen to and download Lazarus below. After Hours will be released in October. Here's the album’s full tracklisting.

After Hours Tracklisting
Parking Lot Kingpin
Rabbit Hole
Sensei Interlude

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