Who is PJ Morton?

The soulful and multitalented PJ Morton is a Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter and record producer who hails from New Orleans. His extensive background includes being signed to Young Money Entertainment in 2011 and he was also the keyboardist/background vocalist for the well-known band Maroon 5. He released his debut album in 2013 titled "New Orleans", which was critically and highly acclaimed. The breakout single from the album was 'Only One' featuring the iconic Stevie Wonder.

However, Morton remains extremely underrated and should be granted more awareness for the uncanny sound that he brings to the music industry. His sound is a harmonious mixture of soul, bounce, gospel and funk. Not only is his music captivating, but also he can be classified as one of the greats when it comes to live performances. Some say he is reminiscent of a young Stevie Wonder due to his ability to perform some of the same vocal acrobats as the icon. 

PJ Morton has recently released the EP "Sticking To My Guns" in June 2016. The EP includes five tracks that bring a refreshing perspective on the inevitable shifts in love and life. One of the most noteworthy tracks on the EP is 'Say So', which has a striking resemblance to the melodies on Stevie Wonder’s album "Talking Book".

Morton deserves a thorough listening to and you will find that his music resonates with you on a soulful level. We encourage you to check out his latest EP with full listening intent. Additionally, give his former works "Following My First Mind" and "Soul & Bounce Vol. 1", a listen and spread the word about PJ Morton because he deserves more recognition. 

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