Adrienne Brown From The DistinctiveMindz Duo Drops New Video For "Don't Delay"

Singer-songwriter Adrienne Brown is one half of the Los Angeles based lyricist and producer duo DistinctiveMindz and just released a DOPE visual for her new track 'Don't Delay', featuring the saxaphonic styling of Swayyvo. If you love lyrical storytelling, flirtatious horns, and the blast of a marching band, then you will love this tune. Don't just watch the video, stream/download 'Don't Delay' using the links provided and also sing along using the lyrics below. 

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Song Lyrics:

We Can't Both Be Shy, enough with the glances, come and change my mind
All night we flirt
The games we play
No fun if its work
What you waiting on baby don't delay 

I'm grooving on this floor just to clear my mind
The night is lit the music's hype but my feelings are caught up in my vibe
Your striking eyes are peeping me from over there
Sending me into a trance you make the world stop, I won't ignore those stares. 
Had intentions just to chill, but I don't need nothing more
But the way you look at me, tells me that I need to explore 

My heart is guarded but this dance is for free
We speed it up we grind real, I'm digging your energy
You move close and I press in, I never felt so safe
Sending me into a trance you make the world stop, let's enjoy this space. 
I want to pass you my number, but I don't make the first move
I can already see our future, but it's up to you to choose 

You said Hey 123x, I traced your suited frame, you rock a charming smile, your bearded swag is driving me so wild. 
I wasn't looking for love, but you can change my mind
We can't both be shy, enough with the glances , come and change my mind