Album Review: "Dreamworld" by Elora C

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After spending approximately three-years making "Dreamworld", Elora C has finally released her highly-anticipated debut album.

Every song sees a progression from the songstress. The development as an artist is certainly showcased from the first note on ‘Wrong Shade of Blue’ all the way to the album’s closer ‘Beautiful Toys’. There’s a journey to adventure on this fantastic release.

There’s a cohesive sound throughout that captures the tragic, yet hopefulness of the songstress that shows she embraced her own life into each song making a big impact through songwriting and performance. Although there are some mid-tempo, immersive soundscapes throughout each track, there are some slower songs to balance out the record like "Dreamworld".

The 12-track album features her dark, narcotic-like dream pop production along with a unique blend of smoky and honey-sweet vocals. The album’s first tasters were ‘Stay in Love’ and ‘Chemical Lie’ gathering attention for the effortless and brilliant body of work.

The cinematic soundscape makes the album a fascinating listen from beginning to end with the luscious darkness that pulls the listener in seductively while drawing them into their own "Dreamworld".

The multi-talented artist on the rise opens the record with ‘Wrong Shade of Blue’ singing “take a walk through the darkness that lives inside me,” over a daunting beat.

'Stay in Love’ is smooth and vocally driven over an infectious, electro-dreamy production.

‘Dark Arts’ has a groovy beat with elevating vocals.

‘Monster/Angel’ has a whiny vibe to it as Elora C sings, “Hold me baby,” to an electronic beat. She perfectly pulls off its excellence. On this particular song, her vocals sound alike to Lana Del Ray.

‘Pop's New Princess’ is a daring name, title and serving itself true. Elora C’s vocals are alike to Irish singer Enya on this particular track.

‘Alone at the Top’ is a lonely tune, but might be one of the album’s catchiest songs as it lives up to its name.

‘The Fall Girl’ has an aesthetic vibe to it with powerful and heartfelt lyrics and instrumental.

‘Hundred Dollar Haircut’ is a hopeful, enthusiastic and fun song as Elora C declares she wants to find her ‘Mr Right’.

The title-track finds Elora C searching for a ‘Dreamworld’ over a haunting, beating instrumental.

‘Chemical Lie’ finds Elora C wanting to ‘floating into space like a lullaby’ singing in a dreamy, soothing way over a dreamy, narcotic beat.

‘Let's Tempt Fate’ is upbeat and electrically driven. It’s fun and powerful with a sense of nostalgia to artists like Alanis Morissette.

‘Beautiful Toys’ closes the album making the listener want more.

There’s a lot of diversity on "Dreamworld", but Elora C has a niche that showcases her signature in a delicate way that makes the entire album a worthy listen. The evolution from start to finish shows her authentic self as an artist. No two songs sound the same, every track is named in their own right, bringing the stories to life in a magical way.

"Dreamworld", thematically is based around the beauty and cruelty of the world and our frail place it it. Throughout the 12 tracks, Elora C explores the wish to escape to another place where fear and pain cannot touch her; whether it’s a person or a place.

About Elora C

Elora C is the moniker of Irish singer-songwriter and producer, Carole Wood. The name, being Carole spelled backwards, was inspired by the duality of human nature, especially being an alter ego of sorts. She began piano lessons as a child which progressed into writing songs at the age of 14 on her guitar. Throughout her teen years leading into her twenties, she founded and played in many different indie, rock and alternative bands. And after a brief hiatus, this lead her to discover jazz and blues music where she found her voice as an artist.

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