Album Review: "Letters From Within" by Brian Phillips

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With “Letters From Within”, LA based Christian Hip-Hop artist Brian Phillips delivers a 13-track album that is a journey of being carried through self-reflection over rich melodies and catchy hooks. Each track on the album, Letters from Within, has a unique sound arrangement that compliments the stories being told. The album is also brimming with chants that have the quality of daily mantras.

In the track “Dear Younger Self,” Phillips touches on discerning where our personal power interacts with our environment when he says, “it’s a shame what they teach us, they teach us to think we’re egos/instead of thinking we’re equals.” After being taught one thing, we have the freedom to believe another and it can be enlightening.

The tracks “Mps” and “Blessings” have a music box melody while the verses dive into Brian’s remedies for personal accountability stating, “being defined by the past, I’m letting that go” and “I’m trying to grow, how? Mentally, Physically, Spiritually.”

“Envy” has a dramatic cinema sound with a build up into a heavy bass drop, as it describes the ups and downs of when our expectations meet others, how Brian has made it through with perseverance that resulted in exceptional skills pouring out lyrics at a pace that will test your lungs.

Check out the album and buckle up for an honest confessional with hypnotizing beats. While each song has a life of its own due to such a large variety of beats and rhythm, strong lyrical flow, they are connected with unwavering optimism and anthem worthy hooks.

“Letters From Within” by Brian Phillips is the perfect way to celebrate stepping up to your potential without apologies and vibrant hits.

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