Review: Darryl Rahn's "Everything Is Fine" Album

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Darryl Rahn is a singer-songwriter from Utica, NY who is keeping the Americana genre alive and fresh. The folk artist released Everything Is Fine on July 14 of this year, and it is a 10-track record full of emotion and good vibes. With influences like The Avett Brothers, Dawes, Guster and Ray Lamontagne, one can anticipate Rahn's latest project to be well-thought out and with meaningful lyrics. After giving it a proper listen through, the conclusion has been drawn that Darryl's audience will keep coming back to Everything Is Fine for years to come.

The first track is titled "Running Back", and it is immediately clear that Darryl's voice has a very distinct and unique tone to it. The song is upbeat and somewhat uplifting, incorporating subtle harmonies and a repetitive chorus that becomes identifiable and gets stuck in your head, proving to be a solid opening track. 

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The next notable track is the third one titled "Get Me Out Of New York City", which is much slower and less full when it comes to backing vocals and instrumentation. It is an easy listening and relatable one for anyone who is dying to leave their hometown, and the overall vibe of the music matches the message perfectly. 

The rest of the album switches between faster-paced songs and steady ballads, focusing more on finger picking with simple vocals that allow the listener to fully pay attention to Rahn's voice and lyrics. It sticks to the acoustic-folk theme throughout with the heavy use of tambourines, shakers and bright guitar chords and riffs. Just as the majority of albums, it take a couple listens to really get into- but once you do, it's a great project. Darryl fully proves his musicianship and talents on these 10- songs, and we definitely recommend you give it a fair go.

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