Aminé and Kehlani's New Song With Give You The Heebiejeebies

Aminé and Kehlani have collaborated on “Heebiejeebies” and there’s something addictive about it. From the piano keys the songs opens with, to the intertwining of their bars and vocals, the track is enticing. They use their skills to tell a story of relationship like no other, one that's so something they're not used to it's scary in a good way. “I never seen your type of species give me heebiejeebies” sing both of them on the chorus. Aminé and Kehlani use their verses to note that even the most gratifying relationships have to weather storms sometimes. Listen to Aminé’s“Heebiejeebies” featuring Kehlani below. 

“Heebiejeebies” comes just days after Aminé dropped the remix for “REDMERCEDES” featuring Missy Elliott and AJ Tracey. Here's to hoping he keeps up the momentum.