An Introduction To Relaén: A Refined Mix Of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop

You know it's good hunting when you need to translate a Facebook page to find out more details. The band’s name came from a nickname people used to call the lead singer, Olivia Wendlandt, when she was a young girl and the name stuck.
Relaén (pronounced Re-lane) is a fresh and intriguing band from Germany. Dabbling in Hip-Hop, Progressive, Jazz and Neo-Soul, the young quartet just released their debut album, “Twines”, last November alongside a mesmerizing cover art created by the lead singer herself as well displaying an elegant deer with neon ears.

A few months later and the band isn’t stopping, Relaén's newest double sided EP titled, 
"ΜΞDΙΛΝΤΞΝΡΞΤΤΙΝG ♥ ΒΞΛΤ ♯4” is dropping on the 21st of April that consists of another eye-popping visual cover art. This time not so much elegant, but more so trippy and other-worldly. The EP is releasing on Wadada Records, a European label that are up and comers themselves forming last year in 2016.

Olivia Wendlandt AKA Olive Yahh's on keys and vocals, Leon Mache's on bass, Leon Raum's on drums, and Marco Zugner's on sax and synth. 

With only a debut under their belt, the selection for digging gold mines is slim but this rising band has a lot to work with and we can’t wait for more. The psychedelic dreamscape that is “ΜΞDΙΛΝΤΞΝΡΞΤΤΙΝG” is only a taste. 


Connect with Relaén: Facebook   Bandcamp