Interview: Dance Pop Artist Charlotte Bash Discusses Her New Album "Princess Game"

Charlotte Bash, Pop, interview

Charlotte Bash is a Dance Pop singer-songwriter, session singer and vocal coach originally from Los Angeles who just released a brand new single entitled "Labeled" featuring Anye Elite. This new single will appear on Charlotte's upcoming album "Princess Game", which we have recently reviewed.  We connected with this multi-talented artist who find out more about her musical influences, her experience at Indiana University, how "Princess Game" compares to her first EP "Journey To Me" and much more.

After reading our exclusive Q&A with Charlotte, be sure to follow her on social media and stay tuned because "Princess Game" is coming very soon.

Congrats on your new single "Labeled" featuring Anye Elite; it's a really great track. Who produced it and how representative is the track of the other songs on your upcoming album "Princess Game"?

Thank you so much! I think Labeled is representative of the album in that it is electronic dance music and very pop-y. I also feel like it really matches the album lyrically, and might even be the climax of the album in that respect. What makes it unique from the rest of the album is the Latin aspect (thanks to my producer, Sonnemm) and the rap by Anye Elite. That's what I love about this album. I really had a chance to add a lot of unique flavors in to the mix.

Describe your time as a student at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music.  What would you say was the most important thing you learned in the program?

Indiana was intense. The academics made those 4 years very challenging... but I met amazing people that were super talented and kind, and they inspired me push through. Indiana really emphasized the importance of my music theory and reading skills (I didn't even know how to read music before college) and of course, transformed me in to a super solid vocal technician. 

Who are some artists who have been your musical influences?  

So many people, but in more recent years, Sia has really inspired me musically and career wise. When I released my first EP back in 2013, one of my friends told me to listen to Colour the Small One because he thought my songs sounded like hers from that album.. and I feel like we've had a similar career/ creative trajectory (obviously, hers has been on a much larger scale). She has really inspired me to continue to write intelligent pop music, that I'm really passionate about. Just because music is catchy doesn't mean there shouldn't be any depth behind it.

How would you compare your new album "Princess Game" to your first EP "Journey to Me" and how would you say that you have grown as an artist and songwriter in the time between the two?

The two works are night and day. Journey to Me was my first project ever and it was essentially a big experiment. By the time I starting writing the songs for Princess Game, my songwriting style had greatly evolved, and I was better at communicating the production style I wanted. So it's really a whole new level for me and I'm so excited about it :)

What do you enjoy most about being an artist and songwriter? And what do you enjoy the least?

I love being able to create new works that are meaningful to me and being able to share them with friends and fans that also find them relatable. I don't mind promoting my materials on social media but I would prefer to live in a magical fairy land where all I was doing was creating.

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