Courtesy Of The Goodfellas Keep It Old School With DOPE Music Video "Playlist"


The music video for "Playlist" by Atlanta based trio Courtesy Of The Goodfellas came out last month, and we love the creativity and work that went behind the production. The track is a story about a boy and girl who sit around and smoke weed, drink Hennessy and listen to the dopest artists in hip-hop/RnB. He drops names of some of the classics and the general vibe brings you back to the old-school hip-hop era. The single is the first to be released from the collective's new project "Goodfellas Never Die 2", which drops early this fall. Sidebar- along with new music and merchandise, Courtesy Of The Goodfellas member Alex P will also be relaunching a sports blog dedicated to covering breaking news and events in the world of athletics.

The video starts out with a young man walking into a bar/eatery, reluctantly putting his apron back on and suggesting to his co-workers that they do "one last song." The next scene shows the lyricist in an ambient and softly lit basement, pouring his words into a microphone while still donning his work uniform. Two of his co-workers can be seen behind him, one of which is dancing and the other who is holding a broom and nodding along to the beat. The rest of the video shows comical and light-hearted clips of activity throughout the restaurant, bringing to light a realistic an accurate depiction of the struggling artist; working day jobs while attempting to lift their art off the ground.

The video does a wonderful job of matching the cinematography to the aesthetic of the song, and overall it is a brilliant piece of work. Not to mention the lyrics in "Playlist" are spot-on with lines like "What's the point of buying new whips if you ain't got no destination?" and "We don't know why fools fall in love. Then she ask me if I love her, what they say 'bout us?"

These guys are definitely bringing something special to the table, and we can't wait to see how they progress and develop over time.

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