Australian Artist Lupa J Channels Sexual Awakenings in Her Debut LP "Swallow Me Whole"

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Hotly-tipped by the Independent, DIY Magazine & more - Lupa J is a graduate of Unearthed High. Having proven herself as a gifted songwriter and producer, the Australian-born artist has three EPs and a plethora of impressive tours under her belt, which include supporting the likes of Grimes, K-Flay, Sarah Blasko, Alice Glass (Crystal Castles) and Tegan and Sara.

With singles “Drift”, “You're In My Headphones”, “The Crash” & “Pull Me Under” causing a stir online & on air in Australia - as well as Internationally - Lupa J has delivered her debut LP “Swallow Me Whole” in it's entirety.

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The Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer reflects on this body of work.

"Swallow Me Whole is about a number of different pivotal experiences I had during a period of significant change. Overall, the feeling behind it all is this intense desire for escape, for something unfamiliar and new - a way out of a painful reality that seemed impossible to navigate. It's about the reckless and desperate feeling that came before I figured out how to take steps towards healing and actual happiness - wanting to throw myself into new and risky situations, to feel completely consumed by something - a person, emotion, desire, intoxication - anything that wasn't my reality. This desperation for some kind of 'escape' was taking over as I was coming to terms with the fact that the relationship I was in was hurting me, that straight relationships repeatedly left me feeling detached from my body and my sexuality - and that I also had a lot of previously unrecognised queer attraction. Much of the album is focused around a feeling of intense newfound desire, and the inconvenient and problematic situations in which it demanded to be felt." - Lupa J

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