Australian Rap Artist Vic August Releases His Sophomore EP "TRUTHS"

Vic August music.jpg

After an extremely successful past 6 months, the Victorian teen Vic August has arrived with his sophomore EP “TRUTHS”. Debuting at #1 in the Australian Hip Hop chart, the 7-track EP TRUTHS’ is Vic’s most anticipated release and one that shows a lot of growth in himself as an artist.

“TRUTHS” arrives off the back of 3 successful releases, breakout single BANDIT featuring Figuero Jones, summer anthem “WITHDRAWALS” that received a co-sign from Ebro on Beats 1, and the more aggressive recent cut “WIRE TAP” with a combined stream count of over 1.1 million.

On the creation of the EP, August says “‘Truths’ was the first time I set out to create a project with no title for the body in mind. I recorded around 40 tracks and ended up cutting them down to 16, then cutting those down to 7, with the remaining 9 to be put on a free mixtape supporting the main project. ‘Truths’ as a song stood out to me the most, and it felt like the right title for the EP. Being honest and open is what I base my music on, regardless of how sweet or sour my realities are.

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There is no doubt Vic August is one of Australia’s hardest working artists, and with the release of this compelling new EP full of late night club bangers and slick rap ballads he will soon be one of Australia’s most celebrated too.

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