B-Siders Vol.II - The Best Tracks of 2017 You Haven’t Heard Yet

Washed Out - Get Lost

When you first enter a party and you realize your early. You see a few people hovering over in corners, couches,and beer kegs. The beginning of Get Lost, is that scenario. The piano is hammering down on its root note freely until the drums lead the keys into a supersonic disco craving rhythm. All while back noise chatter increases the psychedelic influenced-tranced atmosphere. A new album from the Georgia born producer has yet to be announced.

Thundercat - Show You The Way

I already did a retrospective of the Los Angeles geeked out funkmaster, Thundercat a few months back in support of his recent thirty-three track record, Drunk. This sweet and smooth extra polished soul/r&b track turns down his Zappa-esque quirkiness and settles for a rich and swimmingly warm single, that includes the legendary voices of Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald that gives the song extra kudos. Thundercat’s Drunk is out now. 

Link: https://www.dopecausewesaid.com/dope-features/thundercat-pick-of-the-herds-a-brief-introduction-of-the-la-artist-and-his-best-musical-highlights?rq=thundercat

Chicano Batman - Freedom Is Free

When you first hear of a rock band under the name Chicano Batman your initial reaction meant be something in the likes of confusion or cleverly humorous. Maybe the L.A group's name is overall amusing, but the airey and subtle passion of Eduardo Arenas, the band's lead singer and bass player, is nothing shear of pure loving protest with a subject matter that simple explains thoughtfully, that freedom is free. A great indie rock jam that resembles everything great with west coast alternative and tropicalia style rock.

DYLYN - Secret

The Toronto up-in-coming has a lot to look for and a lot to live up too. With a name that is similar to another musical artist, she wants the masses to think of another face when they hear the name DYLYN. She just started spreading her pop-tastic magic with other singles like the bouncy, “Mimosa”, this melancholic slow burner that tells a hearted tale about discovering a father's betrayal. This guitar complemented track shows off DYLYN’s trap inspired superstar quality while the young artist asks, ‘Is momma gonna love you now?”  

Kendrick Lamar (featuring Zacari) - Love

Ok, I know what you might be thinking. Kung-Fu Kenny? The most well-known rapper in recent years? Well, yes. Even though his first single, “Humble” is hitting radio airwaves across the nation, this left turn of a usually Lamar track reveals that he in fact is a human being that needs the power of love to keep any drop of sanity. To categorize the retro synth sampled track alongside rap songs about “love’ (like the forefather of thugs need love too anthems, LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”) gives the undeniably refreshing tack a disservice. Kendrick’s “Love”, is a realistic depiction of trust, fear, doubt, and happiness, all shuffled in one attracting hook by newly unknown R&B singer, Zacari Pacaldo, who deserves to be on this list on his own merits alone, with his cloudy delivering chorus that gives a run for our money.

Kylie Odetta - Stress

Discovering artists like the 19 year old soul of Kylie Odetta always reminds me how much music is out there that doesn't breakthrough. With a mature songwriting style to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones combined with the energy and likeness of Tori Kelly and Taylor Swift. Odetta is a perfect middle ground of catchy pop with classic jazz and neo-soul instrumentations.  

Winston Surfshirt - Be About You

It's usually a good sign when a band’s very first offering is a good one. First starting off as a solo act by lead vocalist Winston Surfshirt, he very quickly started recruiting local musicians and now has a six-piece live band that backs up his alternative hip-hop artistry. The Australian act has only two singles out since January 2017 and now has head started their first national tour. Hopefully this slick R&B/nu-disco track isn’t the best offering they will ever have. But it is a fantastic first impression.  

Dirty Projectors - Work Together

This ever-morphing indie act doesn’t stay in one stylistic frame. From the synth-dance tunes of Stillness Is The Move, to the more grounded and underrated Swing Lo Megellan. Now the group has forever shifted into a solo venture that may be an interesting and forever endeavor. With a recent split of bandmates and longtime couple David Longstreth and Amber Coffman, Longstreth buried his mental state into his music, abandoning the group aspect and poured all his heartbroken pain in his new record simply titled, Dirty Projectors, that hits the nail with the hammer in its statement of starting over. The song is sporadic, fat in layers, and lyrically bittersweet in lovelorn. 

Forever - Falling

To avert to a simpler jam. This canadian born blossom has already given us a self-titled EP the year before. Now her 2017 offering is a chillhop calming dance number that rides the easy going loop that, similar to the aforementioned Winston Surfshirt track, resembles a nice blend of chill-wave and nu-disco indie-pop.

Relaen - Mediantenpetting 

This neo-jazz/hip-hop band from Germany is as talented one can get. The magical coolness of vocalist and keyboardist Olivia Wendlandt, in front of the rest of the perfectly tight bass and drum funkadelic tone, natural embraces its fantastical, sci-fi, and experimental groove. With a debut album under their belt to ensure an itch for more of the young german band’s high quality outfit.
Learn more about Relaen here: https://www.dopecausewesaid.com/dope-features/an-

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