Bali Baby Announces Debut Album "Baylor Swift" and Shares New Video "Backseat"

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Bali Baby, the 20-year-old Atlanta rapper, shares the first proper taste of her forthcoming debut album, Baylor Swift, today with the first single "Backseat." Baylor Swift finds the Soundcloud starlet reincarnated as a pop punk princess, as she morphs her pop lucid dream into a distorted hypercolor reality atop production from rising New York producer Chicken. The album navigates Bali's escape from an abusive relationship through the lens of "POPROCK" which, in her own words, comprises "a mixture of rap, rock and pop!" With a kiss and a strum from her metaphoric guitar, Bali Baby is poised to fulfill her self-proclaimed title as the next teen pop sensation.

Check out the "Backseat" video and see below for full details on Baylor Swift.

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Bali Baby
Baylor Swift
(May 8, 2018)

1. Introduction
2. Backseat
3. Candy
4. WWW
5. Electrical
6. Tough
7. Few Things
8. Killer

Produced by Chicken
Mixed & Mastered by Gabe Shulman 

Playgirl National Tour
04/18/18 - Red Bull Music Festival: Careful On the Pavement - New York, NY
05/06/18 - Motorco - Durham, NC
05/08/18 - Club Congress - Tuscon, AZ
05/10/18 - Empire - Austin, TX
05/11/18 - Secret Group - Houston, TX
05/25/18 - Union - Los Angeles, CA
07/26/18 - Loring - Minneapolis, MN
07/28/18 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

More about Bali Baby:

Atlanta's Bali Baby first emerged in 2016 when her "Dip Dip Freestyle" went viral. Since then, Bali has amassed a loyal online following while also reinventing herself with every project - from the r&b tinged Bubbles Bali to her rap moment on Brazy Bali to featuring on Trippie Redd's melodic ballad "Woah Woah Woah." Through her transformations, Bali Baby constantly reveals a prowess at delivering hooks for days - on last year's standout single "IGGADY," Bali proclaims, "I cut that bitch head off and walk away giggling."

For her forthcoming debut full length, Baylor Swift, Bali Baby now shifts her focus from rap to pop -spinning tracks twisted around hybrid autotune to showcase her warped lyricisms through a sheen of venomous pop. Bali has carved out her own identity, meshing quirky and menacing alter egos together into a medley of trap, rock and pop. 

Through what can feel like a constant onslaught of new talent striving for recognition, Bali Baby's ability to cultivate a persona that extends beyond the music to a full celebration of artistic self expression truly stands out. With a mood board that scans equal parts horror and calculated nod to pop culture, taking cues from no one but herself, Bali Baby is poised to push the envelope more than ever in 2018.  

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