Beta Days' Bill Bierce Discusses Their Single "This Art Ain't Mine" And Upcoming Album "S.T.T."

Beta Days

Beta Days evolved from multi-instrumentalist, Bill Bierce’s, late night writing sessions that would start around 3AM.  Fighting isolation, lack of sleep, and depression, Bierce battled through ups and downs to write and record enough material for a full length LP.  

We connected with Bill Bierce to discuss the band's upcoming album "S.T.T." (due out on June 23rd), how their single "This Art Ain't Mine" reflects the overall direction of the album, and much more.

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If the band's music was to be described in three words, which words would you select?

It’s not rap.

Tell us about how therapeutic this album, and music in general, has been for you as you'd dealt with the loss of your mother and sickness of your father. 

Its definitely been helpful. Obsessive minds will always obsess, but you can find healthier things to channel it into. Music gives me a sort of an alternate reality to jump into, which is nice. Not that this one is so bad…

Is "This Art Ain't Mine" a reflection of the overall direction of the music we can expect on "S.T.T."? And can you tell us what the acronym stands for?

I think it is actually a good overall representation, which is probably why I put it first. It’s probably the one that’s the most like all the others, if that makes any sense. The lyrics are kind of about needing to do your own thing, which I certainly how I felt prior to making the album. The acronym stands for “Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday”, which were the days of the week we would have recording sessions. 

What are your goals musically after the album drops next month? Can we expect some more visuals and tour dates across the country? 

We’re already working on the next bunch of songs. I can’t wait to make some new music. Some of the songs on the album were written like 5 years ago and I really feel like our best work is ahead of us. Touring has certainly been on my mind… I gotta ask the boys.

If Beta Days were to play Coachella next year, what would be the first song you would play? Why?

Well I’m assuming we’d be on the smallest, most obscure stage.. Like if they have one for people waiting in line in the parking lot to get into the festival. Actually, that’s probably a gig you need some industry clout to get.. we’re more of a play in a restaurant near Coachella type of act. In which case we’d probably just play the full album in order.

Beta Days

Tell us about the name Beta Days. Where did it originate and what does it mean specifically?

The name is kind of about youth. Like, if you’re “in beta” as a person, you’re still open minded/messing around/filled with wonderment/not an old curmudgeon yet. Its also just two words that sound OK put together. I dunno, I hate band names.

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