Bethany Curve Drop Remixed Tracks in New EP "Murderers!"

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Atmospheric shoegaze group Bethany Curve have released new EP Murderers!, featuring remixes of select tracks from their most recent album, “Murder!”. In addition, the band will be celebrating the success of “Murder!” with the release of a limited edition gatefold vinyl of the album, with only 500 copies in production. Throughout both collections, the group approach melancholy and introspection from diverse angles, creating captivating soundscapes in line with their motto: "Atmosphere, Arrangement, Sound, Layering, and Noise."

“Murder!” is a visceral experience that draws the listener in deep toward the beating heart of the band and showcases the dynamic vocal styles of Richard Millang and Lisa Dewey. Now, bringing the record to high-quality vinyl, Bethany Curve offers fans an opportunity to connect more personally with the intricacies of the music. The 180g, marbled white, number-stamped, double vinyl LP can be purchased exclusively through Kitchen Whore Records.

Further expanding the band's musical boundaries, “Murderers!” features three remixed tracks that breathe new life into the original songs: "Frontier" and "Dreamland". From techno, to pop, and beyond, the treatments from El Gato #9, Ray Lake, and Uchuu Saru rework these tracks to bring fresh takes on Bethany Curve's signature sound.

Since the group's inception in 1994, Bethany Curve have established themselves as a prominent figure in the shoegaze music scene, putting an even darker, more dynamic spin on the musical niche established by bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Members Richard Millang, Lisa Dewey, David Mac Wha, and Nathan Guevara use only guitars, drums, and their own voices to create their unique wall of sound: overwhelming melodies that seem to dissolve into slow motion and return with the energy of rock and roll.

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The “Murderers!” EP marks the latest installation in Bethany Curve's extensive discography, spanning a total of 6 previous albums over more than 20 years. Both Murderers! and Bethany Curve's other music are available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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