BJ The Chicago Kid's Latest EP Takes Me Back To 2004

When I was 11, I went to see Usher at Madison Square Garden as part of his The Truth Tour. After convincing my mom to let me go and finding someone to accompany me I was nothing short of ecstatic. After all, my best friend met him the night before so the possibilities were endless. But to be honest I didn’t care about meeting him, I cared about hearing him sing “Superstar” and a few of my other favorites. Even though it was Usher’s birthday that night, he made my wish come true, and I was probably one of the happiest 11-year-old girls in the world.

BJ The Chicago Kid has brought me back to that night with his 3-track EP Usher Confessions Tribute. The EP features covers of tracks like “Simple Things,” “Can You Handle It,” “Confessions,” and “Superstar” of course. Apparently, BJ The Chicago Kid was a backup singer for Usher during The Truth Tour, so it wasn't hard for him to add his own personal touch. Audio clips from Usher interviews about Confessions and R&B also add to the EP’s ambiance.

If you haven’t already go back to 2004 with me and listen to the tribute EP below.