Boston's Jackie Jones Discusses His Upcoming Project "Twenty Minutes To Logan" And Boston Hip-Hop

We connected with Boston based rap artist Jackie Jones to discuss his musical goals for 2017, his upcoming project "Twenty Minutes to Logan", his thoughts about the Hip-Hop movement in Boston and much more. While you're reading our exclusive Q&A with Jackie, stream a few of his tracks on Soundcloud below and get acquainted with this emcee because 2017 is going to be a great look for him and Beantown. 

Tell us about how you got introduced in music, Hip-Hop specifically, and who are some of the Boston based rap artists who have influenced you throughout the years?

I was introduced to hip hop through one of my friends in grade school. He let me borrow his DMX 'it's dark and he'll is hot" CD. That was the first Hip Hop album I ever listened too. It's still one of my favorite albums to date. As for Boston artists that have influenced me through out the years. I'd definitely say Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, my guys OK, and  Darius Haywood just to name a few. All these guys are different in there own ways , but have definitely influenced how I go about creating my art. 

What are you most proud of with your upcoming project "Twenty Minutes to Logan" and what do you hope to get across to new found listeners of your music with its release?

I want the listeners to have an experience when they're listening to this project. This project isn't just a bunch of songs I'm throwing together and calling it a mixtape. From the first song to the last song you're having an experience with me as if you're right there with me. 

We're big fans of ‪the Limousines‬ track and visual. Who produced the song and how did the treatment for the video come about?

A producer by the name of DM produced the limousines track. He's an up and coming producer from South Carolina. He actually produced every song on this new project. When I recorded the song I thought it would be perfect for a first single. We ended up making the decision to make a Music Video for the song because we thought it was pretty catchy and would get people's attention. We started looking for a Videographer for the video and ended up choosing Blake Kimball. He seemed so excited about making the video that I had to go with him. He came up with the treatment for the video and when it was all said it done everything came out perfectly. So shout out to my Guys DM and Blake Kimball for helping make things happen. 

What are your goals musically in 2017 and what has been your biggest accomplishment of 2016?

My goal in 2017 is to get "Twenty Minutes to Logan" circulating around the net as much as we can. I also want to put out as many music videos as I can. 2017 will be about putting out a lot material. And my biggest accomplishment in 2016 would be getting other artists and people in the city to rally around me. I think I gained some respect from other artists in the city of Boston and that was what I set out to do for 2016.

Tell our readers why they should become fans of Jackie Jones and follow your movement?

You should become fans of Jackie Jones because I'm all about the music. At the end of the day there's a lot of things that go into this and the listeners only get to see the end product. I want the people to know that no matter what happens it will always be about the music. 

What are your thoughts on the Boston Hip-Hop scene and what do you bring to the table that other Boston rap artists do not?

I think the Boston Hip Hop scene is one of the fastest growing Hip Hop scenes in the country. There are a lot of dope artists from Boston. And I'm not just talking about rappers. Artists like Cousin Stizz and Michael Christmas are definitely opening up the doors for guys like me. Once America gets familiar with the Hip Hop scene in our city I think we'll get a lot of artists from here going mainstream. It's only a matter of time. And as for what I bring to the table that other artists dont. I'd say I bring more authenticity to my music than others do. I don't follow trends. I don't follow what's currently hot at the time. I just make what I feel. Sometimes it's a gift and a curse, because people might look past your music if it's not a trap record or a some type of dance record, but I know that that stuff his here today and gone tomorrow. I try to make music that's gonna last. That's the difference between me and other artists from Boston. 

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