Brooklyn-Based Alt Rock Band Lord Sonny The Unifier Releases Their New Album "FINAL NOTICE!"

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Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Lord Sonny The Unifier is lead by Gregory Jiritano. Jiritano began playing guitar at age 8, formed his first band band at age 12, and began playing in NYC bars at age 16. After the loss of his recording studio a fire in 2015, he had to throw in the towel - and his unfinished album - or regroup. He regrouped. Jiritano conspired with good friend Carmine Covelli to play drums, soon met Tyler Wood, a keyboard-wizard-freak and sound guru, Tyler swore by his good friend Derek Nievergelt on Bass, and thus Lord Sonny the Unifier was formed...and album completed.

On the band’s new album "FINAL NOTICE!", which is heavily inspired by the rock legends of the 60's and 70's, Lord Sonny pays tribute to the soul of rock and roll music - think 70's Bowie & Lemmy meets a 21st Century Motorcycle Club - Dirty Synth Guitar Rock with some softer outer space psychedelic edges. LSTU enlisted the help of visionary artist Shaun Friesen of Soulfire Media for the cover artwork. He also teamed up with BD Pironti for a series of epic visuals.


The lyrics of "FINAL NOTICE!" come from both the conflicts that continue to haunt humanity and the love to be found therein as well. A rebellion against injustices, greed, lack of compassion and empathy, lack of a love and care of the earth and her animals and a rebellion for an awareness of our inner self and its’ potential and our surroundings and their potential to inspire and uplift us.

The title, “FINAL NOTICE!” is the bright orange letters we get in the mail after the many previous warnings. This warning is it, one last chance before they come and take away whatever it is you have left. They’ve sent the first few letters of notice, payment due, and this is your final notice. Pay up now, one last chance before they knock on your door and kick it down and start confiscating whatever you got. Sometimes it seems like we’re at the Final Notice stage. Better realize who’s creating this havoc, how to recognize them, why are they doing it, and what to do about them.

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